Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Aucklanders: Liberty on the Rocks tonight!


Late notice, for which I apologise, but this would be a great gig for liberty-minded Aucklanders to get along to this evening:

(The Inaugural) Auckland Liberty on the Rocks!

What is Liberty on the Rocks?

Liberty on the Rocks is an event for people who are interested in freedom to get together, have a couple of drinks, and have a good time. It's an awesome time, and is the chance to network and discuss anything and everything with like-minded liberty lovers.

Sounds like you, right?

Then drop everything, and head along at 6pm to Brew on Quay, a funky craft beer pub near Britomart. This is NZ's second Liberty on the Rocks to start up—the first was by those wowsers in Wellington—and not only do you not want to miss out, you do not want Wellingtonians to think they care more about liberty than we do.

Do we?

Location: Brew on Quay, 102 Quay St, Auckland
Date: Tonight! (26 January)
Time: 6pm start

See you there!



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