Thursday, 17 December 2015

Quote of the Day: On the #ParisAgreement


"The agreement itself was masterminded by President Obama. Knowing that the US
Congress would never accept a treaty he also recognised the potency of more
generalised agreements disciplined by world public opinion….
    Obama forged the folksy narrative of attributing localised drought, forest fires and
glacier retreats to a generalised global warming when the facts are that there is no
change in global precipitation, no change in global temperatures and no general
reduction in ice….
    In meeting their obligations western nations will incur costs… In addition, subsidies
to innovators and overseas aid will be distorted towards even less productive
    [Western nations] face lower growth from the agreement and losses of low-cost
industries. This begs the question of why politicians here and in other nations are
embarking on policies of economic self-harm.”

~ Alan Moran, writing in the AFR on ‘Greenhouse policy after Paris: marching to penury

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