Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Time for a hero

“Ross Taylor finished with 290 … The previous highest score by a visiting Test batsman in Australia was Tip Foster's 287 [in 1903]”

CRICINFO: “Ross Taylor finished with 290 at a strike-rate of 77.54; only Virender Sehwag, David Warner and Matthew Hayden have Test scores of 250-plus at a quicker tempo. And Taylor did it with nothing but classic batting, picking gaps and striking the ball along the ground. He scored 43 fours but not a single six.
”With a single pushed down the ground off Nathan Lyon, Taylor moved to 288 and past a record that had stood since 1903. The previous highest score by a visiting Test batsman in Australia was Tip Foster's 287, compiled at the SCG at a time when Alfred Deakin was Australia's prime minister, the WACA had hosted just one first-class match, and only three nations played Test cricket.

It was a remarkable record for Taylor to break, yet he fell 12 runs short of New Zealand's all-time highest Test score, the 302 that Brendon McCullum struck against India in Wellington only last year. When he holed out to deep midwicket, caught by the substitute Jon Wells off Lyon's bowling, Taylor had to settle for being third on New Zealand's list, behind McCullum and the 299 scored by Taylor's mentor Martin Crowe against Sri Lanka in Wellington.

[Pic from CricInfo]

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  1. Yep, and got out looking for a six... but no fault at that stage of the game. Tremendous innings - what the team required of him. Highest score against Oz in Oz -- not a bad trophy to take. Earned his $5 KFC dinner pack... someone prob even upsized it for him.


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