Thursday, 26 November 2015

Nice line, sir.

“With Colin Craig asking for a fee of $3000 a month for the display of his poem ‘Two of Me’ on a blog, it begs the question - is it really that good?
”New Zealand's inaugural Poet Laureate, Bill Manhire says the poetry - penned by the former Conservative Party leader, which was allegedly written for his ex-press secretary Rachel MacGregor - is not the worst he's ever seen.
"’It's certainly better than
David Cunliffe's Harvard poem.’"

~ Bill Manhire in the Herald’s article, ‘NZ poet Bill Manhire on Colin Craig's poem: 'It's not the worst'

PS: Suzuki Samurai’s line immediately after the last election wasn’t bad either and, as it turns out, right on the button on a number of things…

Colin Craig: Still that school prefect who dobs in smokers. A wanker who doesn't wank. Showers in his 'Y Fronts'. He reminds me of the teeth-only smile one gets from the minister outside church after a funeral...makes me shudder. I am not at all sorry for his loss.

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  1. Colin Craig reminds me of Gary "the Smiler" Callahan from Transmetropolitan.


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