Sunday, 11 October 2015


Temporal Rhythms, Yellow, by Jasmine Kamante
Graphite, acrylic and oil on canvas
1000 x 1500 mm

Hey, did you know this week is Art Week in Auckland? Yes, true story.

There’s a whole host of Art Week events going on, all over the city.

And you know where I’m going to be tomorrow evening? I’ll give you a clue:

ECDYSIS*: A pop up exhibition by two local artists, opening Monday 12th October and showing until Sunday 18th October as part of Artweek Auckland.

Preview: Monday 12th October 5.30pm - 8pm
Artist Talk in conversation with Amy Stewart: Thursday 15th October 6pm

"Kamante and Sundwall are partners in art as well as in life, and together they constitute a microcosm of the act of painting. They support and complement each other through the exploration of their practice, through the unmaking and remaking that comes with the shedding of skin, a process that lends its name to this joint exhibition. While Kamante is on a passage of biotic colour, Sundwall defies the anti-aesthetic essence of unconventional still-life subjects. Both are classically trained, but both also possess an idiosyncratic mastery of their media that allows them to turn it inside out – explode colours, blur lines and uncover narratives." - Amy Stewart

As well as exhibiting their new body of work, the artists will be collaborating on a piece in situ during the week. Pop by to see their progress. All works are for sale.

This exhibition is part of Artweek Auckland which runs from 10-18 October 2015.

Kindly sponsored by Mac & Co. Lawyers, Sacred Hill Wines, Ponsonby Central and Artweek Auckland.

Artist websites:

See you there.

Exuviae No. 2 (detail) Jesper Sundwall,
1000 x 700 mm, graphite acrylic and oil on canvas

* Ecdysis is the process of an arthropod moulting its exoskeleton. Moulting is necessary as the arthropod exoskeleton is inflexible and so, to grow larger, arthropods must moult. Moulting is a critical but vulnerable time for arthropods.

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