Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Economics for Real People: Too many things to do!


News from our friends at the Auckland Uni Economics Group about their seminar this week is that there is too much economics going on at uni to allow it. Hence …

There will be no Economics Group seminar tomorrow evening, Thursday. Got that?
    This is due to a number of other events being held in the Business School this week (“two” being the number in question):
    First, the Auckland Semi-Final of the Friedlander Next Generation Debate is being held in the Business School this evening, Wednesday, at 5:45pm. Get along: info & tickets here.
    Second, the Economics Department (MADE) is hosting a Pub Quiz tomorrow evening, Thursday, at Shadows. : More details available here. I am told that free pizza will be provided, and that lecturers from the department will be competing alongside students – so there’s some incentive! 
   (Register via the event's Facebook page or with the sign-up sheet on Level Six of the Business School.)

=> Economics Group seminars will resume next week.

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