Monday, 27 July 2015

Witch doctors are “infiltrating” South Auckland.

South Auckland “community leaders” are warning that “witch doctors” are “infiltrating” South Auckland.

Warnings are being issued about black magic-practicing witch doctors said to be swarming into South Auckland and exploiting vulnerable people. …
    "They are here to suck money out of people. They are leaving people in a very devastated state -- suffering mentally, psychologically ... after losing large sums of money," she said.
    "It has got to a stage where South Auckland is swarming with [them].”

They promise the earth, suck you dry, and deliver nothing but misery in return.

They’re out there to exploit you.

Be on the lookout for them.

Yes folks. Be on the lookout for politicians, priests and pastors. Outside parliament and its surrounds, there is no place in the country where there are more government programmes, government plans, government agencies, and government-employed welfare agents per-square kilometre, nor more priests, pastors and promisers of bogus salvation. Not to mention “community leaders.” Because for all their promises, all their sizzling state solutions and “wrap-around support,” they’ve left people there in a devastated state.

These bastards have done way more harm than a little bit of simulated voodoo.


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