Wednesday, 22 July 2015

“Don't panic - we're all still doomed, scientists insist” [updated]

Contrary to the predictions of climate alarmists, the Arctic ice cap has not completely disappeared: “in fact it has been growing rapidly, increasing by an entire third just in 2013 and more since.”

Just one cool summer caused the much-worried-about Arctic icepack to swell by no less than a third in 2013 and it has grown even more since – more than making good its losses during the previous few years. Meanwhile of course, the southern sea ice around Antarctica has continued to spread out and cover bigger areas all the time, a circumstance which has frankly stumped climate scientists as their models cannot account for it. Antarctic ice hit a new all-time record last year, in fact.

So Antarctic ice is at an all-time record high.

And Arctic is back at 1980s levels.

Just thought you’d like to know. (Because you’re not going to read it in the Herald, are you?)

UPDATE 1: In news not totally unrelated:

Still waiting for Godot, the climate refugee
Remember how Al Gore in An Inconvenient Truth said there were lots of these global warming refugees already?
    The citizens of these Pacific nations have all had to evacuate to New Zealand.
In fact:
    Kiribati man Ioane Teitiota has just lost his appeal to the New Zealand Supreme Court, to be recognised as
    the world’s first climate refugee.

UPDATE 2: And also: “In today’s post we lay out the wind power fraud in pictures, as it’s perpetrated in, what’s referred to as, ‘Australia’s wind power capital’”:

South Australia’s Labor government has been talking up a wind powered future for months now – it’s presiding over the worst unemployment in the Nation, at 8.2% and rising fast – and seems to thinks the answer is out there somewhere – ‘blowin’ in the wind’. Its wind power debacle has led to South Australians paying the highest power costs in the Nation – if not (on a purchasing power parity basis) the highest in the world. … [It’s] nonsense that wind farms can deliver power as an “alternative” to on-demand power generation sources such as hydro, gas and coal. …
    Here’s the total output from all wind farms in SA for June 2015. … Total output spends more time below 200MW (or 13% of installed capacity) than above. And hits the bottom of the pool more than 7 times – with ‘output’ failing to power a single kettle – let alone the hundreds of thousands of SA homes we’re constantly told are ‘powered’ by the wind. …
    Looking more like the fat bloke bouncing around in the deep-end of the local pool, after a long lunch, July’s effort (so far) isn’t much better than the months before.
    A couple of short-lived ‘spurts aside, and the rest is largely a ‘joke': crashing by around 1,000 MW over 24 hours; and almost repeating the ‘performance’ a few days later with a precipitous plummet of over 500 MW in a couple of hours – makes it pretty clear that the words ‘reliable’ and ‘wind power’ don’t belong on the same page, let alone in a sensible sentence.
    Spending days struggling to produce 200MW; hours and hours producing less than half that (or less than 6.7% of capacity); and 50MW (3.38%) or less for hours at a stretch, tends to take the gloss off the glory heaped on SA’s wind power dream; and suggests its future will be more of an energy nightmare. …
    Contrary to the anti-fossil fuel squad’s ranting, there isn’t a ‘choice’ between wind power and fossil fuel power generation: there’s a ‘choice’ between wind power (with fossil fuel powered back-up equal to 100% of its capacity) and relying on wind power alone. If you’re ready to ‘pick’ the latter, expect to be sitting freezing (or boiling) in the dark more than 60% of the time.
    Wind power isn’t a ‘system’, it’s ‘chaos’ – the pictures tell the story.
The Wind Power Fraud (in pictures): Part 1 – the South Australian Wind Farm Fiasco – STOP THESE THINGS
The Wind Power Fraud (in pictures): Part 2 – The Whole Eastern Grid Debacle – STOP THESE THINGS


  1. I assume this climate jazz is simply going to be forgotten and everyone once propounding it will never recognise the transition as the next boogieman arises. I assume this process is well under way already.

    ps Can we have the old Not PC template back now please?

  2. "Worlds lowest lying nation" Really? It is 1 meter above sealevel. The Netherlands is a couple of meters below sealevel. Have you seen any Dutch climate refugees yet?

  3. I got a joke for ya'll. How many climate scientists in the world does it take to invent, produce, and market superior alternatives to fossil fuel???



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