Friday, 26 June 2015

Job losses predicted at Auckland Council

Guest post by Stephen Berry

After Auckland Council’s narrow passing of the Auckland Long Term Plan, I predict several job losses to occur at Auckland Council. That’s eleven jobs to be precise, right about October 2016.”

That’s the Mayor and the ten councillors who supported for the huge rates hike that underpins the Long Term Plan. They will suffer the wrath of voters in next year’s election, with a large swing toward toward fiscal responsibility and few of the councillors supported Len Brown surviving.

Affordable Auckland will be helping voters find replacements for those councillors by putting up candidates in several of the wards occupied by councillors supporting the rates increases.

Candidates from Affordable Auckland have been announced for the Mayoralty, Albany, Waitakere and Albany will several more to be revealed.

We will be presenting a plan for future rates increases to be capped at the level of inflation, for council spending to be restricted to the core functions specified by the Local Government Act, and for housing made affordable by streamlining the Council consents process.

Stephen Berry is 2016 Affordable Auckland candidate for Mayor and Albany ward

PS: The "Terrible Ten" are:

  • Len Brown
  • Arthur Anae
  • Bill Cashmore
  • Linda Cooper
  • Chris Darby
  • Alf Filipaina
  • Mike Lee
  • Calum Penrose
  • Wayne Walker
  • Penny Webster

1 comment:

  1. Can we add Penny Hulse and John Walker?
    If they're not going to be part of the solution they're part of the problem.



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