Thursday, 25 June 2015

Greenpeace: so outraged they’re climbing the walls.

Greenpeace abseilers surfed parliament walls this morning to deliver this message to your tweetphone:


Which means, I guess, whatever they want it to mean.

They think that climbing walls changes climate?

That they want government action to stop private action?

That waving banners made of fossil fuels is a way to argue against fossil fuels?

Anyway, whatevers. (With postmodern protesting it’s all about the outrage, never the point.) So they then dropped a big picture of John Key and installed eight solar panels – just enough to charge their phones and make a point. That point being … no, I’m not clear on that one either.

That you need eight solar panels to charge four phones? 

That without government subsidies solar is uneconomic?

The message is unclear, really. (But that last one is certainly true. As it is also true that the burden of climate change regulation falls heaviest on the poor, who Greens like to think they speak for.) While hanging around out there one spokes-abseiler did pipe up to explain, “We have come to offer the Government a gift of solar panels, which are working - we are just about to start hooking up now, to charge our phones and stuff like that.” Which explains everything and nothing. He wants the government to charge their phones by solar? Eight panels for four phones, so to charge all of government would take … no, my cheap calculator can’t do that many numbers either.

“We also want to show that this is what real climate action looks like,” repeated the spokes-hanger, “and we hope that the Government takes action like us."

What, like climbing the walls?

I”m not sure they’ve really thought this one through.

Greenpeace: so outraged they’re climbing the walls. But at least they’ve started to wear red so we can see what their true colours are.


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  1. The ropes, helmets etc... will be synthetic of course.



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