Thursday, 25 June 2015

Auckland Council’s “Long Term Plan” must be stopped

Guest post by Stephen Berry of Affordable Auckland 

All Auckland councillors vote today on the council’s “Long Term Plan.” All Auckland councillors should vote against it.

The proposed rates increase in the plan is intolerable and will hurt every Aucklander, whether property owner or renter.

Rates must be kept at the level of inflation and no more. To do this, the Council must make changes. Spending $100,000 on ping pong tables is just one of the many stupid decisions being made by our elected representatives this year.  This stupidity is the reason Aucklanders face higher rates and increased rents for the next year.

Rates increases should be held to the level of inflation. This would be entirely possible if the Council stuck to its core responsibilities such as waste management and footpaths.

The first order of business today should be a vote by Council to ditch the Long Term Plan. Second should be the passing of an entrenched bylaw specifying the Council only be permitted to fund the activities required of it by section 11a of the Local Government Act.

Stephen Berry is the 2016 Affordable Auckland candidate for Mayor and Councillor for Albany Ward.

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