Thursday, 23 April 2015

We’re all redundant

On a day when the major piece of news according to alleged news organisations is an alleged case of hair-pulling, is there really any point in analysing the news any more?

Are we bloggers all redundant?

And what about the satirists? Who is thinking about the satirists? What can they do when the headlines are beyond satire?

Won’t someone think of the satirists.


  1. Killed the Herald app on my iPad today. Pretty sure I can claim self-defence...

  2. @Macdoctor. Last straw for me and all. Used to look every day, for some glimmer of, um, arh, something?! Aside from Bob Jone's weekly I'm fed up with the shit that passes as news. Suzuki

  3. You don't think the hair-pulling is just a bit creepy?
    Did you see that clip of him fondling the young girl's hair?


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