Thursday, 23 April 2015

Since hairpulling is news …

… then horoscopes must be headlines.

So here’s your horoscope for the day:

Pic by Zedd

As for me, my star sign is Uranus.

But my horoscope is still the same as yours.

Now, back to the news …


  1. A friend from schools got his first job at the NZ Herald in 1982. Basically he was a gofer. After 3 months he was called into a sub-editors office- he thought he was in big trouble. Nop, he was 'promoted' to writing the Heralds 'Horoscopes'. He told the sub-editor that he knew nothing about astrology. The sub- editor laughed & said do what the last writer did- go back to Herald Horoscopes from the 1930's, mix them up & that's the days Horoscope!!


  2. A beautiful woman , I was driving her to our fancy restaurant out at RedCliff, Christchurch.
    She said full moon rising.
    Later , much later, $NZ thousands later she said the moon was just a joke.
    She wanted to eat on the beach with her new man, but she preferred others Australians
    I don't mind at all, she was an idiot Catholic, and now poor and ugly with Australian old man.


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