Monday, 8 September 2014

The Real Dirtiness in NZ Politics

The subject has thankfully gone cold, but Lindsay Perigo is running hot on the real dirtiness in NZ politics:

Lindsay Perigo's picture“Every election” said H. L. Mencken, “is a sort of advance auction sale of stolen goods.” Elections, we may agree, are a process whereby loot is exchanged for votes, to gratify the power-lust of sub-humans who crave control over real humans.
    Our 2014 election campaign kicked off with a frenzy of auctioneering that would have startled even Mencken. Tens of millions here, hundreds of millions there—in reckless indifference to where it might all come from and flagrant contempt for the Other People whose Money it is.
    Reacting to Labour’s multi-trillion dollar health package, outgoing Health Minister Tony Ryall was moved to note, “The bidding war between parties on the left is now out of control.” Was it ever under control? Did National ever behave any differently?
    The best that might be said of National is that its bribery has been marginally less irresponsible than Labour’s.
    What is especially ominous about this latest bribery epidemic is that it takes place against a backdrop of the most dumbed-down electorate ever. Our latter-day child-molesters of the mind, the education bureaucracy and the teacher unions, have seen to that—in faithful obeisance to their unacknowledged mentor, Antonio Gramsci, the Italian Marxist who enjoined communists the world over to destroy Western Civilisation not by overt revolution but by stealth, a “Long March through the Culture,” infiltrating and mortally corrupting all core institutions and organisations.

The real dirtiness in NZ politics – the real source of all the alleged dirty laundry aired and being aired?

Conviction politics has become extinct. “Opinion polls,” Mike Moore once admitted, “have made cowards of us all.” Politics is: the gutless in thrall to the clueless. Therein lies its real dirtiness, not in the machinations, grubby though they may be, revealed in equally grubby Nicky Hager’s latest dump of stolen e-mails.

What to do?  Read on, MacDuff.


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  1. Lindsay sums it up fairly well, and I'm impressed with the Editor for not editing out the offending bits; loved the line about "texting cool and awesome to each other all day" HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

    I am heading off to vote this afternoon and somewhat disappointed the candidates in this electorate (Ohariu) 'act' 'united' in their 'green' eyed anti-Semitism and support for Hamas terrorists.

    I will be giving 2 ticks for National as at least they won't send me to a gas chamber, or tax my beach house, or my share portfolio, or my paintings.

    The National candidate (and soon to be MP) Brett Hudson is getting my vote whether he wants it or not (and curiously, he doesn't); a truly bizarre election!


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