Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Herald Homes: Vela House by Organon Architecture


Nice to see one of my houses on the front page of the Herald Homes lift-out this morning. I never like it however when my clients move out, but 16 years after loving his renovation Kleme Vela is moving on to pastures wider than the Pt Chev site he’s been in since 1990.

That’s the sketch, above, I did for him back in 1996, from which the renovations started, making sure (as the Herald says) “the new part seamlessly matched the old.

It’s hard to believe [continues the Herald] that the architect-designed living room, with its wood-panelled window seat [below], traditional fireplace and pillars [pillars?], isn’t original.

It’s a testament to what can be done with clients who have an eye for detail.

You can read the Herald article here, sign up for the auction at Bayley’s here, and see some much better pics here at my site courtesy of ace photographer Melanie Tollemache.



  1. You will no doubt get some work out of that - well done Mr C.

  2. I am a big fan of covered light through, verandahs all around and/ or obscenely big garages.
    There's the 12cu metre wood pile, the cars, the kids bicycles, the tool shed, the work bench, the storage room, the lawnmower, the chainsaw, hedge clipper, the other garden tools, the plant nursery, the barbeque, the building wood, , the washing machine , the dryer, the pot plants, the gumboots, the dogs place, the cats place , the next door neighbours cats place, the spare carpet, the paint cabinet, and how did the next door neighbours other stuff get here.


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