Thursday, 18 September 2014

Don’t vote for Colon

I keep hearing whispers from some readers of this blog that some of your are intending voting for the odious and manipulative Colon Craig tomorrow.

What on Galt’s green earth are you thinking!?

Have you not noticed that he proposes land confiscation?

Have you not noticed he wants to ban immigrants, and ban foreigners being part of NZ?

That his tax rates or either silly, dishonest, or well above what they are now?

That he wants to make alcohol more expensive, and jail even more peaceful cannabis smokers?

That he favours what can only be called mob rulea policy that makes every other policy null and void?

Liberty lovers: don’t be fooled. This thin-skinned excuse for a man is not your friend.  Any man who can soberly and with forethought suggest the state should confiscate your land so they can build on it themselves is a man who is a stranger to property rights – a man in love with state power.

Do not be fooled.


  1. I know a couple of their members - right wing evangelist christians

  2. Colons are dirty and should not be allowed in politics.

  3. I'm disappointed by the supposed freedom lovers who are simply rude to others. Why do people who preach accountability stoop to childish and arrogant name calling like the left? Craig is not manipulative yet - he's just thinking out loud and will have to eat a slice of reality pie in due course. Any thorn in the side of the socialist status quo has to be a good thing.

  4. Rude? Name calling??? In case you hadn't noticed, these are people who want to control your life and confiscate your property. Sheesh already. Name calling is the least of things than could be done in response!

  5. Yep, rude. A response without lowering to that is usually better than one that does. I hate politicians with a passion but can be disrespectful without name calling - that just detracts from making them squirm with reasoned debate. It sounds like Craig's wheels have fallen off today so there may yet be room to gloat.


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