Tuesday, 23 September 2014

But what does a Colon stand for?

Conservative Party leader Colon Craig says he is “in politics for life,” undeterred by another expensive failure,

"I'm totally committed to politics. I've made that pretty clear," he told the Herald... "This is what I do now."
    Mr Craig said he was not only committed to running again in 2017, but also 2020 and beyond. "This is what I am going to be doing and working on for the rest of my life," he said.

For the rest of his life!

But what does he want to be a politician for? To advance an agenda? To promote his ideas? To get his policies in place? Apparently not:

He might reconsider his publicity strategy, which had included provocative statements on gay marriage and anti-smacking laws.  He said this controversial approach was required to get noticed but he was now more likely to focus on criticism of National's economic record.

So it’s not about what he stands for, is it.

Perhaps it’s the power, he’s after?

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