Friday, 22 August 2014

The policy that is not a policy

Is it still a policy if you promise not to do it?


  1. An odd comment, and not the first time the PM has used this bizarre logic.

    His refusal to pay David Bain compensation was on the grounds a lot of people think Bain is guilty so may get upset.

    If ever there was a need for one law for all, regardless of small groups not liking it, it is over Maori seats (and Bain compensation)

  2. Remember that especially under FPP - but also to an extent under MMP - the Maori seats help National and the Right by quarantining a population of hard-left voters out of the general seats. Dump those voters back onto the general roll and more electorates will go red.

  3. So ought Mr Bain to be compensated? What do you think?


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