Monday, 4 August 2014

QUOTE OF THE DAY: On responsibility for aggression

"He who initiates physical force is morally responsible for the destructive consequences of the retaliatory force he thereby necessitates. So says the law of causality.
"This principle is as clear in a warzone in the Middle East as it is on the streets of Miami. If a thug grabs a woman and tries to shove her into a van, and the woman pulls a gun from her purse and shoots at the thug, thereby killing an innocent bystander behind him, who is morally responsible for the bystander’s death? Every thinking adult knows the answer.
"Of course, the kind and extent of retaliatory force warranted in a given situation depends on the full context and can be a complex matter. But the matter of who is morally responsible for the harm caused by retaliatory force necessitated by an aggressor is simple: The aggressor is.
"Hamas is morally responsible for the deaths and destruction resulting from the retaliatory force necessitated by Hamas’s assaults on Israel. Hamas and western leftists pretend not to know this.”
- Craig Biddle,  “Hamas and The Left’s Pretense about the Deaths of Innocents in Gaza” -- The Objective Standard


  1. Israeli aggression
    An alternative viewpoint, where even Israelis are questioning their actions, and foregoing the argument by hurrumph that poses as morality and righteousness

  2. Um, your links suggests "US President Barack Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron have been gagged by Tel Aviv." That gives some idea of its other claims.

    It also notes "the Arab world remains largely incapable and unwilling to intervene." Not true at all in the case of Egypt, who have intervened on the side of Israel,or Iran et al who supply Hamas with their rockets. But certainly true of the Arab world in respect of Palestinian refugees, for whom those refugees are (they hope) a permanent embarrassment to Israel. IOW, they would rather hurt Israel, than actually help those hey claim to support.

    The rest of the analysis is as empty.


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