Thursday, 17 July 2014

Unwelcome headlines from New Zealand [updated]

In contemplating changing the centuries-old legal protection of presumption of innocence,New Zealand’s two biggest political parties are making unwelcome headlines around the world.

Charles Oliver from Reason  magazine writes, in his Brickbat column:

It Is Better That 10 Innocent Persons Suffer Than One Guilty One Escape
New Zealand's two major political parties, concerned that not enough men are being convicted of rape, are considering changes to centuries-old legal protections enjoyed by criminal defendants. The Labour Party wants to remove the assumption of innocence, shifting the burden of proof to the defendant in rape cases. Meanwhile, the National Party wants to allow judges and jurors to view a defendant's refusal to testify or provide evidence in a negative light. 

The Cunliffe should not be apologising for being a man. If he is one, he and Key should apologise for contemplating corrupting the legal system, and our proper legal protections.

UPDATE: The well-deserved international abuse of our pinheaded politicians continues. This, from popular British blogger Tim Worstall:

"New Zealand wants to do fucking what?"

[Hat tip Paul Walker from Anti Dismal]


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