Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Offended yet?


Manurewa MP Louisa Wall and the South Auckland group Warriors of Change are offended. They’re offended by some year-old cartoons.

Cartoons by Al Nisbet about the Government's breakfast in schools programme ran in The Press and the Marlborough Express in May last year.
    One depicted a group of adults, dressed as children, eating breakfast and saying: "Psst ... If we can get away with this, the more cash left for booze, smokes and pokies."
    The other depicted a family sitting round a table littered with Lotto tickets, alcohol and cigarettes and saying: "Free school food is great! Eases our poverty and puts something in you kids' bellies."

Louisa and her made-up allies are so offended they’ve rolled out their feelings of offence before the Race Relations Commissioner, the Human Rights Commission, and now the Human Rights Review Tribunal, all in hope someone will stop laughing long enough to take her seriously.


What sort of “warrior” picks a fight over a cartoon, for Galt’s sake?

You say you’re offended? I say so what.

Here’s Steve Hughes.

[Hat tip Ian J.]

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