Wednesday, 11 June 2014

At least Joe might get to laugh, instead of cry.

The upper stratospheres of the commentariat are aghast that a satirical political party, Ben Uffindel’s Civilian Party – already infamous for its platform of free ice cream and llamas -- is sucking up taxpayers’ money to pay for their electronic election advertising. Whale Oil especially has got all pissy, “angry” at the “rort”:

by funding Ben to the tune of $33,000 they have made a joke of our democratic system. [Emphasis his.]

Piss off, Whale. Your democratic system is already a joke, as Bradbury/Harre/Hone/DotCon have so graciously and colourfully pointed out.

As  is the system by which the taxpayer is force to fund political parties' electronic advertising. Frankly, every party should be required to use their own bloody money to publish their lies, rather than charging people who  probably recoil from the views they’re forced top pay to publicise.

And since the total pool of money taxpayers get to throw at politicians is set by the Electoral Commission, if Uffindel were to give back his money (as Libertarianz tried in vain one election), then Joe Taxpayer wouldn’t get his money back --- he’d simply see fewer llamas, and more advertising by the other thieves.

At least Joe might get to laugh, instead of cry.

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