Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Internet Party

Well, if in launching a political party your aim is to get everyone to talk about you, then the launch of Kim DotCon’s Internet Party has worked a treat.

Although I imagine the publicity wasn’t supposed to be generated because Fartin’ Martyn Bradbury was stupid enough to leavea draft paper about the party’s plans and programme lying around for Cameron Slater to publish, or for it to be revealed therein that Martyn Bradbury was being paid to “consult” for Hone Harawira’s Mana Party while being paid $8000 to spruik  DotCon’s Party Party to his friends and associates while also being paid an undisclosed sum to talk trades union at the trade-union funded Daily Blog – and that the Scoop website is not as politically independent as it once was.

Which means no-one is talking much about DotCon’s putative policy platform, whatever it might be beyond standing up against the surveillance state (hopefully) and for legalised theft of intellectual property (hopefully not) beyond speculation that Bradbury would only be involved if he found the policies congenial – which means every member of the human race is likely to find the opposite – and that he is on record as finding “Kim Dotcom’s economic vision a genuine way forward.”

Which, based on Bolshie Bradbury leaping out of Hone’s boudoir to get into bed with DotCon, could only be a Great Leap Backwards.


  1. Gunna be intertesting whatever.

  2. Interesting.., I thought the whole thing was a joke at first, but now, I see that a new sideshow is about to start, & I need to stock up on popcorn.

    B. Whitehead

  3. So, we can also take it, Bradbury has been axle deep & less than honest in this, despite his claims of being on the fringe (as per usual lol) He seems to be more than well acquainted with the ( as yet ) undisclosed party policies?.... “Kim Dotcom’s economic vision (as) a genuine way forward.”
    What a shower - only likely to appeal to the dwindling swathe of Green voters who simply want to be a bit trendy and anti "whatever is next." Bradbury has proved himself to be a meandering idiot whose values are for sale, once again.


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