Thursday, 12 December 2013

“Me, me, me” [updated]

“It’s all about me” every speaker at the Mandela memorial might have said, turning their tributes to the man supposed to be their hero into making it all about themselves.

Selfies with each other.

Self-actualisation revelations.

And then there’s Barack Obama.

If people were to have to take a drink every time Barack Obama used “I”, or “me”, “my” , or “mine” in a statement, entire nations would be passed out for years at a time.

Has the word “me” been spoken so many times in one memorial? “The sign language interpreter at … Nelson Mandela's memorial has been called ‘inept.’ Here's what he should have done,” says commentator and illustrator Bosch Fawstin. He calls it ‘Sign of the Times Language’:

Pic by Bosch Fawstin

Here’s George Harrison:

UPDATE: This, right on  cue, from Dr Michael Hurd:

“It’s all about him.” “It’s all about her.”
    You hear people say it. Maybe you’ve said it yourself, about someone you know.
    “She thinks she’s the Queen.” Or, “He acts like the little prince.”
    The analogy of arrogant royalty implies a person who doesn’t feel accountable to anyone, or anything. It’s as if he or she is special—above, or outside of, reality.
    The key to understanding such a person is lack of accountability…

READ: "It's All About Me"...Know the Type? – Dr Michael Hurd, DAILY DOSE OF REASON


  1. Hey, look on the bright side, maybe it's a move away from the sickening and destructive altruism the likes of Obama usually preaches. A healthy injection of some egoism, perhaps? Of course egoism combined with the power of compulsion might actually be worse than altruism with that same power.

  2. What's the surprise? The left are so far up their own high regard for themselves that they fail to even see the irony of their libertine ways. So Mandela dies and all you get from them is... cat fighting and the momentary dropping of the veil of solidarity they like to pretend makes them better than the "sewer". Take a look at Danyl's or Russel's comment sections and it is just one big barely concealed session of sticking ice-picks in each other. They have nothing real to discuss, compare how much bs was written during the Bush Jr years compared to the total silence now Obama is displaying his incompetence to the world! Obama not panning out how we thought the second coming of Christ would be? Oh well, let's stick to talking about irrelevant days of shite NZ music and the low-grade venality of John Key!


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