Thursday, 21 November 2013

Renting a Frank Lloyd Wright house


An artist rented Frank Lloyd Wright’s 1939 Bernard Schwartz house for four days, and was bowled over by the experience.

"It had a warmth to it," she recalls. "Then there was all the wood, the two fireplaces (we certainly used them several times while we were there) and a lot of floor-to-ceiling windows. We were walking around and almost everyone had their jaws agape, looking at it each other almost as if we were honoured to have an experience like that." …
    One element that stood out was the way Wright employed wood cut-outs along the second-floor windows [below], and how he deliberately designed for natural light. "It's something I'd never gotten to experience in any of the homes I've lived in," Eryn says. "The way the home was positioned in relation to the sun—it would change personalities from morning to evening."

Check out the house’s website here.

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