Monday, 21 October 2013


What’s terrifying about the new Fed Chairman isn’t that we don’t know who she is…
“We All Know Who Janet Yellen Is . . .” – Joseph Salerno, CIRCLE BASTIAT

Julian Burnside on the asylum seeker issue in Australian politics - and how cruelty became Australia’s biggest vote-winner. [Hat tip Sand Longfield]
Julian Burnside on asylum seekers and Australian politics - Julian Burnside, MANAMIA

Minimum-wage legislation is “the explicit means chosen by its champions to further their stated goal of improving the welfare of low-skilled workers.”  It is however a devil disguised as an angel.
The Evil that is Minimum-Wage Legislation – Don Boudreaux, CAFE HAYEK

Millions of people are alive today because the net emissions of carbon dioxide have increased. Perhaps we should remember that.
CO2 emissions in last 50 years made us $3.5 Trillion wealthier – JO NOVA

Alex Epstein remembers. And goes further.
Dear Big Oil: Stop Acting Like Big Tobacco – Alex Epstein, MASTER RESOURCE

Some of these must be worth at least a half mark?
22 ingeniously defaced textbooks & exam papers – STUDENT BEANS

And finally, a word from Frank Zappa.

Zappa.jpgPic by John Cox Art


  1. Nice quote from Zappa.

    I remember fondly the days when the library was a place that nourished my intellect and imagination (such as they are).

    Frankie Lee

  2. This song from Uncle Frankie, "I am the slime", seems appropriate these days, moreso than usual
    Frank Zappa


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