Tuesday, 9 July 2013

WARNING: Contains busybodies

_GawethYou don’t like swearing?

Well, do you like it less than New Zealand’s richest communist taking time out from a busy day telling the country what to put on their dinner plate to tell us we should all effectively have the state as our landlord.

Gareth Morgan: fuck you, and the dipshit ideas you rode in on.

You might have fooled the country’s worst performing bank  into taking your badly-performing donkey off your hands, but home-owners will be less forgiving.

Home-owners, be wary of a Gareth bearing recipes for new taxes on your house; you have nothing to lose but your freehold.


  1. When I wrote my piece I wasn't even aware of his takeaways tax idea. I can't keep up with his new taxes.

  2. This is the financial expert I invested! $100,000.00 with 6years ago after 4yrs 8 months I finally realized he was all talk and withdrew what was left,$83,000.00 [I'm a slow learner].If I had put that amount in the Bank I would have got close to $120,000.00 back and yet he still talks like he's an expert on everything, words fail me.


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