Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Nude goddesses

There was one value above all the Ancient Greeks valued in their sports: winning. But there was another, hardly less important: athletic beauty.

The ancient Greeks started the Olympic Games as a celebration of athleticism and the human form. They  didn’t have high tech body costumes besmirched with bibs and large numbers pinned to the front.  Instead, their athletes were nude—in celebration of the human form, and of the gods in whose superhuman feats the athletes performed in tribute.

ESPSN magazine continues this tradition today with the ESPN: Body Issue showcasing nude athletes who could be confused for gods and goddesses—like snowboarder and four-time X Games silver medallist Elena Hight.


So as long as the nudity isn't that of Bulgarian wrestlers, what's not to be admired?

[Hat tip Jeff P.]

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  1. When I was young and had a body worth showing, I should have done that. Lovely. mara


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