Tuesday, 4 June 2013


So a player who left your club to start a new one comes back to your ground, on the very night that new stands, new lights, and what’s essentially a new ground is unveiled.  He comes back to play against you, this legend of the game, and he does this

And he does it bang in front of a stand named after him and his dad.  The same place he kicked virtually the same goal four years ago when he was wearing your colours.

What else can every supporter in the ground do but stand and cheer.  Even your own coach, who “is not so much open-mouthed as near to devotion.”

"The people in front of us stood up and bowed," [Geelong coach Chris] Scott said. "I felt like joining in. "If he's not the best player I've ever seen, he's pretty close.

Said the official Geelong Cat Twitter feed:


Oh yes, there was a game involved too.  Which showed Ablett’s new club is going to be going places soon.

PS: Guy Pearce seemed to enjoy it too.

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