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FRIDAY MORNING RAMBLE: The “It’s a Cartoon” Edition

A former cartoonist wonders whether we’ve lost the art of robust debate.
Is This Racist, Susan Devoy?- CoNZervative

Her office shouldn’t exist. And as for this: “Well unfortunately we have a right to the freedom of expression and freedom of speech.”  “Unfortunately”?
Cartoon prompts call for racism threshold change - TVNZ

Free speech for me, but not for you, say Minto, Henare, Flavell…
AUDIO: Former editor and Minto debate role of cartoons – RADIO NZ
Press Council won't act over cartoons yet – 3 NEWS
Some propositions on free speech – NOT PC, 2011

Message from George Carlin to John Minto et al: “I believe you can joke about anything… It all depends on the exaggeration…”

Fail to offend, and this is the sort of political humour you’re left with.
Party leaders on the wintry blast – KIWIBLOG

Start banning political satire, and this is where you’re headed.
Tajikistan Blocks YouTube After Video Of Dancing President Goes Viral – CONSUMER AFFAIRS

While folk are still up in arms about the government’s plans and programme for half-arsed, half-privatisation of its state-owned power companies,* they’ve failed to spot or even oppose two “full and final” privatisations happening right in front of their eyes.
By which I mean the “full and final” privatisations of the Whanganui River and the Urewera National Park—which, when you strip away the mumbo jumbo about how (for example) the river will “own itself,” is what is happening. Sadly, however, without any opportunity for on-selling.
* Call that a proper privatisation? Pfffft. Come on, they’re only selling 49%!
90 year claim process nears resolution – WANGANUI CHRONICLE
Tuhoe win control over national park – STUFF
Q: What would 'Party X' do about the environment?– A: They’d use it to push privatisation. 
– NOT PC, 2011
'Recognise rights in river' says PC – NOT PC, 2006

“One of the motivating forces for politicians and economists rethinking their position on state-owned enterprises was a history of under performance by these firms worldwide. Some of the more extreme cases of poor SOE performance that have been publicised include…”
How not to run a business: examples of poor SOE performance – Paul Walker, ANTI DISMAL

The PM is looking for advice on Doug Graham’s knighthood? Here’s mine: He should never have been awarded one.
PM seeks advice on Sir Doug's knighthood – STUFF
Schadenfreude, thy name is Graham – NOT PC, 2010

You know, I appreciate the link, Bryce Edwards, but surely a qualified political scientist should know that libertarians are not “far right.”
Political round-up: Food in Schools - victory and defeat – NZ HERALD
Left? Right? A plague on you both – NOT PC, 2005
Cue Card Libertarianism: Political Spectrum – NOT PC, 2007
NZ's Political Spectrum – NOT PC, 2005
Right Plus Left = Wrong – Lindsay Perigo, CRACCUM
Left and right and other nonsense – PC, SOLO, 2006

Looks to me like a new political party has just launched … “Our objective is colour-blind law and colour-blind government. We insist that all New Zealanders be treated equally before the law with neither fear nor favour, regardless of race.”


Given several recent experiences when going for consent, this theory rings true: that Auckland Council’s push for intensification may be about more than just so-called “Smart Growth”—it could be they know Auckland’s underground infrastructure is screwed. And they’ve just found more saps to pay for it.
Auckland's Intensification Ponzi Scheme, Funded With Your Rates Bill - Policy Parrot, WHALE OIL

Yes, it’s true:
Misinformation about the Unitary Plan continues – AUCKLAND TRANSPORT BLOG

Getting the housing equation wrong – Phil McDermott, BREAKING VIEWS

My own three cents worth:
“Sprawl” versus “intensification” – NOT PC, 2012
Decentralisation, and those who oppose it – NOT PC, 2005

Economic blunders have consequences—but, these days, not for those who blundered: While central bankers and politicians continue to draw a salary, nearly two-thirds of 16 to 25-year-old Greeks are unemployed. Two-thirds!
Greece's young: Dreams on hold as fight for jobs looms – BBC NEWS

See, this is what charity looks like.
Awesome Spanish Restaurant Says If You Can’t Pay, You Won’t Go Hungry – CONSUMER AFFAIRS

While the western world goes down the path of increasing statism, China continues its long walk in the other direction.  “This is both noble and desperate.” And necessary.
Elite Retreat: Now Chinese Leaders Plot a Freedom Reformation! – DAILY BELL

With the closure of Ford Australia, what future now for manufacturing in a place with a combination of high labour costs and restrictive work practices?
Sunrise industries like food manufacturing – Judith Sloan, CATALAXY FILES

As the rest of the U.S. struggles, more Americans than ever are saying “I’m a Texan.” One primary reason being: it’s cities are the most liveable and the most affordable in the country.  Mind you, they’ve got to endure country music!
10 reasons why so many people are moving to Texas – BBC NEWS
Keeping Austin Weird – Max Borders,  THE FREEMAN

How long now with the Quantitative Easing? As long as the non-recovery it’s created continues. The Quantitative Beatings will Continue Until Economy Improves – Keith Weiner, KITCO

“If you know someone that actually believes that the U.S. economy is in good shape, just show them the statistics in this article.”
40 'Frightening' Facts On The Fall Of The US Economy – ZERO HEDGE

You have to ask:
AUDIO: Based on the facts of our debt, isn’t an imminent collapse of the U.S. economy inevitable? – Yaron Brook, LEONARD PEIKOFF

Congratulations to Ben Bernanke for creating another housing bubble. Fast work!
U.S. Home Prices Post Biggest Jump Since 2006 – NPR

When stock prices no longer match reality: the “Bernanke Put” edition—does this look like a real U.S. housing recovery?

“The only reason we’re talking about Islam is because it doesn’t mean peace.”
My Name is Bosch and I’m a Recovered Muslim – Bosch Fawstin, FRONT PAGE

“Violence is in Islam’s DNA…. Brutality and violence are endemic to Islam’s history because it rejects on principle the only civilized means of settling disputes peacefully: persuasion, debate, discussion, i.e., man’s faculty of reason. Islam regards man as a helpless plaything in a chaotic universe ruled by a spiteful, omnipotent, supernatural deity (Allah). The common man must submit to Allah (and his representatives here on Earth) because he is by nature incapable of thinking for himself. Every totalitarian ideology starts by attacking man’s faculty of reason. Much is made of the "peaceful" verses in the Koran. But those passages are as irrelevant to Islam’s essence as is the fact that Mafia hit men might be ''peaceful'' at a child’s birthday party.”
"Islam's Reign of Terror": An Excerpt – Ed Cline, RULE OF REASON

Politicians versus volunteers—the different responses to the Oklahoma tornado today and a great disaster of yesteryear.
What is the Difference Between a Tornado and a Fire? – BURT FOLSOM

See, when it comes down to it, most people aren’t complete arseholes.  (Except maybe for the feller who wrote the opening line.)  This is the sort of stuff human beings just do.

“I think George W. Bush was a disastrous President, but I don’t doubt that he is a good man at the personal level. It is probably true, though, that truly good men don’t make very good Presidents.” – Bill Quick
At the Wounded Warrior 100K, How George W. Bush Really Rolls – DAILY BEAST

So how’s that “peer review” system working for you?
What Would We Do Without Peer Review? – SMALL DEAD ANIMALS

Always worth re-reading: “This is a defence of phasing-in open immigration…”
Open Immigration – Harry Binswanger, HBL

Yes, its true.
Free Objectivist Books for Students
Jason Crawford on Free Objectivist Books for Students – PHILOSOPHY IN ACTION

Researchers in Australia have demonstrated that, contrary to what the Heisenberg uncertainty relation may suggest, particle properties such as position and momentum can be measured simultaneously with high precision. But it comes at a cost.
More Precision from Less Predictability: A New Quantum Trade-Off – SCIENCE DAILY

Australian scientists have also narrowed the predicted range of global warming through groundbreaking new research…
Australian scientists take 6 degrees of global warming off the table, say it is closer to 2 degreesWATTS UP WITH THAT

Recantations on man-made global warming beginning in 3, 2, 1 …
'Trougher' Yeo recants on global warming – James Delingpole, TELEGRAPH

Turns out Obama was right. The seas have started to fall.
Hansen falsified: His extreme sea level rise projections are drowning in hubris – WATTS UP WITH THAT

“What is your "Fair Share" of what someone else has worked for?”
- Thomas Sowell

A cry for values in a post-modern age.
"Perhaps Culture is Now the Counterculture" – Leon Wieseltier, NEW REPUBLIC

See, we told you this would happen and you scoffed…
7 Newly Classified Mental Illnesses – EPJ
The man who thought psychiatrists were nuts – Doug French, NOT PC

“I've posted several times about the amazing new 3D printing technology and how technology experts predict it will dramatically change our world.  Well, the famous management consulting firm McKinsey has just released a report where they detail 12 "disruptive technologies" they feel "will transform life, business, and the global economy".  3D printing is number 9 on the list.” – On Liberty Street
McKinsey report: 12 disruptive technologies that will transform life, business, and the global economy – Mark J. Perry, AEI IDEAS

But don’t wait for summer.
To Avoid Jet Lag This Summer, Travel Like a Scientist – WALL STREET JOURNAL

“I Do Dream” by sculptor Michael Wilkinson, at Quent Cordair Fine Art:

The rich history—and rich present—of a unique art form.
Opera Is Not Dead – G.W. Bowersock, NEW REPUBLIC

Oh crikey. New Russian fashion trend: Ironic Stalinism.
Back in the (’30s) U.S.S.R. – NY TIMES

The Chicago Architecture Foundation is kicking-off a month of celebrating Frank Lloyd Wright in June.
Celebrate the legacy of Frank Lloyd Wright all month long - CAF

ImageSo many of today’s prominent “artists” (e.g. Jenny Saville, left)are “heroic mediocrities … outshone by your average newspaper cartoonist. And art critics, like their literary counterparts, should be encouraged to say so.”

The mystery of the Mona Lisa’s flickering smile solved: blink, and you’ll get it.
Don’t Blink: The Science of the Mona Lisa’s Flickering Smile – CREATIVITY POST

Top  tip for your wedding photos: don’t get photobombed by a llama. That, and 30 more…
31 Tips For Taking The Perfect Wedding Photo – BUZZFEED

Written by a former evangelical Christian who is now an atheist and skeptic living in the Deep South, Godless in Dixie is an atheist blog you should be reading.
Introducing Godless in Dixie – ATHEIST REVOLUTION

It’s a simple question. If Noam Chomsky was such an anarchist, then how come he likes so many government programmes.
Chomsky the ‘Anarchist’ – TOM WOODS

Worth watching?  “He is a market-oriented professor of economics who talks about Milton Friedman to his young Danish students.  She is — suddenly — Prime Minister of Denmark and leader of a moderate left party, but not actually prepared to wield power…”
Borgen, season one – Tyler Cowen, MARGINAL REVOLUTION

Son of God used to play at Geelong. And will again this weekend.
Best Of Gaz Jnr at Geelong: Highlights from Gary Ablett's career with the Cats – AFL VIDEO CENTRE

Because you asked…
21 Quick Tofu Dinner Recipes: Tasty reasons to give tofu a try for dinner tonight. – EATING WELL

[Hat tip Jasmine Kamante, Stephen Hicks, Keith Weiner, Jeff Perren, Diana Hsieh, Arts & Letters Daily, Prairie Mod, On Liberty StreetAri Armstrong, Sam Schulman, Oren Kessler, JWSpry, Doug Henwood, Foundation for Economic Growth ]

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  1. "Brutality and violence are endemic to Islam’s history because it rejects on principle the only civilized means of settling disputes peacefully: persuasion, debate, discussion, i.e., man’s faculty of reason." ~ Ed Cline, posted by Peter Cresswell

    From the Quran:

    Surely the worst of beasts in God's sight are those that are deaf and dumb and do not reason. Surah 8:22

    And He lays abomination upon those who do not reason. Surah 10:100

    Say: Bring your proof if you are truthful. Surah 2:111


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