Monday, 29 April 2013

Len Brown is right, and wrong.

Len Brown wants to whack on either central-city tolls, motorway tolls or petrol taxesto plug a $12 billion funding gap and fix the city’s ever-growing traffic jams.”

Len thinks users should pay for the costs of roads, and in that he’s dead right.

But as the Affordable City ticket for the upcoming council elections points out,

Yes, users should pay for the cost of roads. But what we're already paying should be enough.


  1. His "funding gap" is the gap between his aspirations for totemic politically motivated projects, and what people are prepared to pay for them.

    The gap wouldn't exist if he simply pursued projects people were willing to pay for - but then, maintaining roads, fixing some intersections and operating buses isn't exciting for any attention seeking politicians, even less exciting is letting the private sector build anything.

  2. you are 100% right Libertyscott. The sooner Loopy Len and his idiotic council are sent to the knackers yard the better of Auckland will be. We simply can not afford his grandiose schemes.

  3. "Len Brown is right, and wrong."

    I believe 50% of that statement.


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