Monday, 22 April 2013

Actress: Happy birthday mass murderer

Over the weekend leading actress Robyn Malcolm burst into tweet to wish, apparently without irony, a happy birthday to Lenin.


Lenin, for those who don’t know, was the Bolshevik who snatched a good revolution away from the Russian people before going on to murder, starve and impoverish several million of the poor bastards, and set up the state apparatus which killed millions more.

I’m sure Robyn knows that.

I’m sure she knows what it was like living under communist rule.

Mind you, she could be just another dumb Barbie unaware of what their favourite mass murders got up to. Or she could just be trying to drum up controversy to help publicise the new play in which she stars, on a somewhat related subject.

Which worked.

Here’s a cartoon by Nick Kim to jog your memory about Berlin-Wall era communism:



  1. She is also in a film coming out soon (can't remember what it's called but it's about surfing - I saw the preview this weekend).

  2. Strangely, I missed her birthday wishes two days ago to that other great 20th Century Socialist, Adolf Hitler.

  3. Of course there are no political journalists in New Zealand, otherwise the brainless airhead would have been confronted about it.

  4. "leading actress" seriously?

  5. Apparently Lenin was a "very very very different human being" to Stalin, Mao, Kim Il-sung or Pol Pot. And that I should read my history.

    Communism doesn't attract murderers as leaders, it requires them. It concerns me greatly that someone who wishes Lenin happy birthday is so closely involved with a political party in NZ that is currently polling 15%...

  6. "Strangely, I missed her birthday wishes two days ago to that other great 20th Century Socialist, Adolf Hitler."

    Der Fuhrer was a slacker next to Comrade Mao Tse Tung and Uncle Joesef Stalin. But then he only had 1933-1945 to operate.

    Sure glad we Yanks got the bomb first nicht wahr?

  7. I can hardly believe it took a forty-something kiwi actress to cause me to open a twitter account.

    140 characters - sheesh!

    Any chance she recant - or "read her history"?


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