Wednesday, 24 April 2013

A suit [updated]

Conservative Party leader Colon Craig has sued satirical website The Civilian for “misquoting” him to make him look ridiculous.

Responding to the suit, the satirist apologised saying

We would never dream of making Mr. Craig look ridiculous. Indeed, we’re quite content to leave that up to him…. We look forward to future legal notices from you regarding [other] articles, in which we also appear to have misquoted several other politician.

Despite appearances, Colon does have a sense of humour.  It just takes this to see it [HT David Slack]:


UPDATE: Cry “Havoc!” and unleash the hounds of satire!  Dim Post interviews Colon Craig, lathered with soap in his new pleasure dungeon.

‘I bought this place to relax,’ he explains…

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  1. The cons got 60k votes in 2011. Not bad for a fledgeling party only a couple of months old.

    Remind me again how many votes you irrelevant navel-gazers managed. About 1.4k or so?


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