Thursday, 21 February 2013

Calling all beer lovers

I have need of your assistance.


My local tennis club is changing its beer supplier to DB, who are putting money into the bar in return for an exclusive supply agreement. Result being that the only beer the bar can stock is a DB beer—which is to say either a DB or a Tui or a Monteith’s. And after a decent run around the tennis court (my standard of tennis meaning I’m the one usually doing the running), a man is desperately in need of a decent drop.

I do have the opportunity to recommend something drinkable out their range to come out of the club’s taps or beer fridge, but I fear there’s nothing there to recommend.  Unless one of you can?


  1. Monteith's Original is actually not too bad as an "English Best Bitter", though a bit sweet for the style. Most of the others suffer from that awful banana ester DB yeast seems to introduce. I'll happily drink a few pints of MO when all else fails though. It's not at all shit.

  2. Yeah, that's what I think I'm stuck with. But not for a whole night!

  3. It's tough and there are way too few barely acceptable beers in their range. So in my view...
    Erdinger on tap is acceptable.
    Bottles of Monteiths single source is actually well brewed and refreshing. Might be a tad expensive though for what it is.

  4. Monteith's pilsner

  5. You're fucked, basically. :-(

  6. the man guzzles VB and grizzles about DB; freak! Nothing wrong with Montieths Black; though hard to knock back after a game of tennis I expect.

  7. It's not looking promising, is it. Perhaps I'll take up bowls instead.

  8. PeterK: Really? You can get past the massive and unpleasant banana ester in Monteith's Pilsner? I'll grant that I've had the odd good one, but it's that bloody yeast of theirs. Ruins what could be a really good beer for me.

    Michael: Oh! I forgot about their imports. Yes, Erdinger is actually quite delicious. There you go PC, we have a winner! I hated Single Source. Just too sweet. Needs some bracing bitterness to make it a post-game refresher. But then, I've not tried it since release. Maybe it's improved?

  9. I live in Melbourne Au. All high temperature records were broken this 2012 Summer here thanks to cattle farting too much and destroying the ozone layer. My favourite local brew is Carlton Draught (4.6%). If you're in the northern hemisphere, have a BBQ with a few cold beers. All the best. Trevor.


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