Monday, 11 February 2013

Boxing match? [updated]

That was no boxing match, and those were no boxers—and if you paid good money for it, then you should probably be far more careful where you throw your money in the future.

UPDATE: Read An Action Man doll versus a tattered teddy bear:

“No one who watched Williams fight Botha ended up excited.  They ended up enraged, and I’m not surprised.  I’ve seen enough boxing shams and I don’t want to see anymore.  So please, don’t watch Sonny Bill Williams fight, not until he makes the same decision Mundine did and quit football for boxing.
    “Until he does that, he doesn’t deserve our money.  He couldn’t beat up a faded fighter eighteen years his senior, a man knocked out seven times… And that is the measure of Williams, so ignore him in the ring until he quits football.  I’m going to.  I used to love boxing.  I always hated bullshit.  I can’t stand it when they’re put together.”


  1. On the bright side, someone punched Sonny Bill Williams in the face, so it's not all bad.

  2. Yes,twr - but not often enough nor hard enough!


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