Monday, 10 December 2012

The ACT Party is dead.

If the ACT Party had ever been true to their principles themselves, they would have much to say to the people of Christchurch—whohave had their property rights stripped, their property stolen from them, and their city turned into a welfare project.

But like the rest of the people of New Zealand, the people of Christchurch are never going to listen again to a word the ACT Party say.  See:

They’re not going to listen to a word they say because they’ve poisoned their own message. Because as a coalition partner they’ve voted for every brutality imposed on the people of Christchurch by the Earthquake Czar and Czarinas. And because they’re led by John Banks.

The ACT Party is dead.

[Hat tip Whale Oil]

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Anonymous B Whitehead said...

Well, that video killed any nagging doubt I had, that they could recover. Roll on February & a better future!

10 Dec 2012, 16:24:00  

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