Monday, 3 December 2012

Oh look, we’re sixth! [updated]

Looks like the NOT PC blog ranks as the sixth most read political blog in the country—very pleasing, I’ll admit, but still an order of magnitude behind the top two political blogs, and trailing a telly blog, a transport blog, a craft blog, a science blog and a blog about imaginary friends.

The top ten NZ political blogs for November were, according to the Open Parachute Blog Rankings:

                         Blog                                        Visits in Nov.     Page views in Nov.

    1. Whale Oil Beef Hooked     457,843                   836,775
    2. Kiwiblog                                 376,821                    661,814
    3. The Standard                        192,579                   445,870
    4. The Dim-Post                          62,106                     87,209
    5. NewZeal                                    59,011                      74,620
    6. Not PC                                        34,605                     46,356
    7. No Right Turn                         32,568                     41,621
    8. No Minister                              22,409                    28,526
    9. Keeping stock                          22,130                    30,011
    10. Imperator Fish                       20,016                    31,805

UPDATEMartyn Bradbury has bestowed a bizarre collection of blogging awards for 2012, in which I’m flattered not be included.  And in an almost entirely unrelated  exercise, telly-blogger Regan Cunliffe has started a blog where you can watch paint dry.


  1. Well done Peter. I'm languishing on about 115th ... hard work getting an audience.

    How long have you been blogging to build up to that level of readership?

  2. Pro-capitalist4 Dec 2012, 14:22:00

    Good job that Regan called out Martyn Fat Fuck Virgin Bradbury on his hypocracry. He had been critical of big corporates controlling the media but now he works for one , Sky TV. Martyn is a sad fat fuck.


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