Sunday, 23 December 2012

It’s just a *massive* coincidence


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  4. Good to see the pope is out blaming capitalism for people being poor. Maybe the head of the richest organisation the world has ever known should put his money where his mouth is and redirect some of the money spent keeping him and his cronies in the lap of luxury towards helping the people he believes are suffering.

    This would be more productive than attacking the system that has brought the vast majority of the planet out of real poverty and has shown his own outfit up as the corrupt and dangerous axis of evil that it is. I'm sure he'd rather go back to keeping the world in the dark ages, but thankfully that horse has bolted.

  5. Mithras was a composite god a sun god - the man coming out of the rock, the axe on one side the hammer on the other - he was both born on Dec 25th and a savior to mankind - as was Prometheus before him and upon whom he was based.


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