Thursday, 6 December 2012

It was never about the temperature

Since the UN’s Framework Convention on Climate Change is meeting again preparatory to issuing another scare-mongering report explaining how we’re all going to die—meeting this time without the scientists because, really, it’s never been “all about the science” has it—it seems a good time to see how some of their earlier predictions have panned out.

The divergence between what has happened and what the UN’s scientists always said would happen is shown below.


The green line shows their projections if we’d carried on at 1990 levels of industry; the blue if we’d beefed things up a little, and the orange if we’d stopped altogether. In the end, we beefed things up a lot—an 8.5% rise in CO2 levels in the last fifteen years tells you just how much--and got back in return nothing like what the UN’s scientists models told us.

Which tells you how much you can rely on their models, which is the only place dangerous warming continues to happen.

You might disagree and say, oh no the sea is warming up radically as we speak, absorbing all the temperature rises we just know are about to hit us. Really?


And the warming we’re experiencing now is unprecedented! Are you sure?


And it’s on this basis that the United Nations’ luminaries propose we embark up on a massive and unprecedented transfer of wealth – of US $100 billion a year – from soon-to-be-formerly-rich Europeans and Americans to UN bureaucrats who claim to represent the world’s “developing” nations and Earth’s poorest citizens.

It was never about the temperature, was it.

PS: Here’s five so-called “charts of doom” that are anything but—a swift debunking of prominent warmist memes about the “unprecedented” melting of Greenland’s ice sheet (based on only a decade’s data); “America’s “worst drought in 50 years” (well, apart from the other ones back in 2000-2001, 1988, 1981, 1963, 1940, 1925, 1917 and 1910… but not nearly as bad as the protracted droughts of 1953-1956 and 1933-1936); coral reefs being doomed—doooomed, I tell you (despite the Great Barrier Reef, for one, enjoying a hockey stick-like uptick of its own in its ongoing calcification rate); wildfires multiplying uncontrollably across the States (largely due to land-use change, firefighting and arson, nothing to do with temperature; and civil wars now being on the rise—haven’t these people ever read a history book.

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