Monday, 26 November 2012

Peace in the Middle East?

Peace in the Middle East? Who are you kidding?

It’s not peace, it’s just a ceasefire.

A temporary cessation of hostilities in which Iran can re-arm Hamas with more rockets to fire at civilians, the chatterati can lambast Israel for responding, and Hamas can celebrate “victory” by broadcasting “death to Israel” music on the very day the “ceasefire” began.

In which  a “blockade” still exists, but only on weapons—which Hamas seem to have no problems getting anyway—and there’s a memory black-hole about the border Gaza enjoys abutting Egypt.

In which folk can twitter about “atrocities,” while ignoring those those perpetrated by Hamas—executing people without trial before dragging them through the streets; using women and children and even journalists as human shields for their missile launchers; lobbing rockets day after day into Israeli houses as long as the supplies hold up, regardless of whether Israel’s response is passive or aggressive.

In which folk can pretend Israeli aggression is the only impediment to a permanent peace, and ignore the permanent jihad against Jews called for in Hamas’s charter.

In which they can pretend if Israel didn't exist, all Mideast problems would be solved. (That is the thinking. Or not thinking.)

In which they can ignore that in calling for the destruction of Israel and the genocide of the Jews—for permanent jihad until “even the rocks and trees cry out: O Muslim! there is a Jew hiding behind me, come on and kill him!”—Hamas’s founding charter is itself a virtual declaration of permanent and ongoing war.

Peace in the Middle East?  That will never happen as long as jihadis view women and children and everyone other than themselves as expendable, and as long as their annhilationist charter remains.

Here’s Pat Condell:


  1. Yep - spot-on, and I always enjoy Pat's hard-hitting videos on the Fakestinians and Islam in general.

  2. the unpeace in the middle-east is reaching other shores:

  3. All very passionate and righteously indignant, PC, and I don't doubt you mean every word sincerely. But it's still every bit as predictable and one-sided as the "liberal", pro-palestinian view,and every bit as devoid of useful, practical analysis of what an actual solution would involve.

    What would peace actually involve, in your view, with details.

  4. Pointing out how nutty the arabs are only confirms how idiotic the formation of Israel was. You can't annex land that your imaginary friend in the sky promised to you and expect anything but problems.

  5. @ Frankie Lee
    "Nothing Less than Victory" by John Lewis might give you a few clues:

    "Nothing Less than Victory provocatively shows that aggressive, strategic military offenses can win wars and establish lasting peace, while defensive maneuvers have often led to prolonged carnage, indecision, and stalemate. Taking an ambitious and sweeping look at six major wars, from antiquity to World War II, John David Lewis shows how victorious military commanders have achieved long-term peace by identifying the core of the enemy's ideological, political, and social support for a war, fiercely striking at this objective, and demanding that the enemy acknowledges its defeat."


  6. @Ben: Israel's right to exist is nothing to do with an imaginary friend in the sky. (Since arguing about imaginary friends by definition excludes reason, in that way lies only conflict.) Israel's right to exist now is based not on faith or superstition but on moral grounds, simply because it is the only semi-free place in the region--and protecting individual freedom is the only legitimate justification there can be for a state.

    Further, there is no issue of moral equivalence here between states, because just as there can be no right to establish a dictatorship, neither can there be a moral justification for one.

    @Frankie Lee: What it would first require, before anything else, would be an acknowledgement of Israel's right to exist--which is to say of the right of individual Israeli citizens (Jews and Arabs both) to exist. In peace.

    But peace will never break out as long as Hamas, Hezbollah, Tehran, and Uncle Tahim Kabillah and vow to wipe Israel of the face of the earth--as they've been trying to do since 1948.

  7. Actually the vast majority of Israelis today, including politicians and military leaders, believe god promised them the land.

    And you can't get all smug about Israel being the only free country in the region when every facet of Palestinian life is brutally controlled by the IDF.


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