Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Only in China

Guest post by our roving China correspondent Suzuki Samurai
China announced last month it had commissioned a new aircraft carrier.
This is not that aircraft carrier.  These are photos of a concrete aircraft carrier in a man-made lake in a city called Binzhou.
True story.
Legend has it the thing was built as a casino, but the hapless mug who did so forgot that there are no 'official' legal gambling establishments allowed in mainland China. So what is there is instead is a complete  concrete carrier the size of a Charles de Gaulle class concrete block.
On the deck you can look down into the casino through glass panels; and see staircases, marbled banisters, and the shell of a massive ballroom. It defies belief when looking at it, and standing on it. It sits atop a man-made lake at the new western edge of town. Rumour has it that the chap who commissioned this thing is now at the bottom of the lake.
There is some commercial activity here though...a wee fella selling bottles of water.     
Let no one call it malinvestment.
Suzuki Samurai is … well you know who he is:
[Pictures by Suzuki Samurai]

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  1. Amazing, what was the developer thinking!

    Check it out in Google maps


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