Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Opening: ‘Road from Eden’


This evening I’ll be attending a friend’s gallery opening at the Warwick Henderson Gallery, titled ‘Road to Eden.’

Feel free to join us.

WHERE: Warwick Henderson Gallery, 32 Bath St, Parnell
WHEN: Tonight, 1 May, 5:30 to 7:30pm
EXHIBITION: 2nd to 26th May



  1. Seriously? You're friends with this guy? You're actually willing to call his work "art"? What's happened to you, Cresswell? Normally this is the kind of art that you'd be throwing an Objecti- tantrum over, and claiming that it's evil and anti-art.


  2. @J; Wipe that froth from your mouth, son.

  3. Huh? After all of the hysterical frothing at the mouth that you've done over art like Wooller's, you try to characterize me as "frothing" when I simply ask why you're suddenly promoting it? Hilarious. You've thrown fits over art that is quite benign compared to Wooller's. In fact, you've often willfully misinterpreted art just so you could rant against it and lecture everyone about the evils that you imagined seeing. Yet here is a flaming leftist with an unambiguously tree-hugging, anti-human-development message in his visual propaganda, and you're cuddling up to him!

    You're ridiculous, Cresswell.



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