Thursday, 24 May 2012

Heads up: Daniel Hannan on in ten minutes … [update 2]

imageYou might like to know that Daniel Hannan will be talking to Leighton Smith on Newstalk ZB from 10am this morning.

Daniel Hannan, if you recall, is the Euro MP who famously called Gordon Brown “the devalued Prime Minister of a devalued government.”

Listen in here.

UPDATE 1: If you like what you heard, you can hear more from Daniel tonight at the Auckland Museum in a debate on the direction of the European Union: "Eurocalypse Now?".  (Me however? I’ll be up the road celebrating the appointment of an Austrian economist to a chair at Auckland University.  Maybe join me after at Galbraith’s to discuss how both events went off?)

UPDATE 2: Fascinating discussion. Listen to the podcast here. For the next seven days, you can now listen to the whole hour online archived at these links:


  1. I tried to listen but after 10 minutes of constant adverts I switched it off.

  2. I'll record tonight at the museum and YT post the audio if worthy. Then I'm in for a few at G's.

  3. Well, he's written an appalling article on the Telegraph website entitled "My new Anglosphere hero is New Zealand's John Key".

  4. @Sturminator: Truly sick-making.

    I hereby withdraw any endorsement public or private, prior or future, implied or explicit, of anything Daniel Hannan says, represents, or argues for.

    He clearly just turns the brain off when he crosses the equator.

  5. "withdraw any (future) endorsement"

    Silly comment PC, from one who has often stated he supports any pro-freedom comment from any source.

    Whilst not arguing that the Telegraph blog was a joke, Hannah's hour on Newstalk ZB last week was one of its best in a long time.


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