Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Europe on the edge

Here’s a short video with the great Johan Norberg on Europe’s woes. [Hat tip Cafe Hayek]



Blogger gregster said...

See you next Thursday?

16 May 2012, 14:06:00  
Blogger Peter Cresswell said...

@Greg: "See you next Thursday?" I trust you aren't name calling? ;-)

Sadly, when it comes to next Thursday we have something even better on at exactly the same time: the inaugural lecture celebrating the appointment of the first Austrian economist to gain professorship at Auckland University.

Perhaps we could meet up at Galbraith's after to compare?

16 May 2012, 14:49:00  
Blogger Kiwiwit said...

If I correctly interpreted the Newspeak of the EC official, he said, "there are [financial] statistics and then there are politics"...and don't expect any promise based on the former to be honoured by anyone who practices the latter.

At least he is honest.

16 May 2012, 15:33:00  

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