Saturday, 28 April 2012


After weeks of talk, we've decided to kick off a course on Logic tomorrow morning in Mt Eden.

The course is Leonard Peikoff's Introduction to Logic, a four ten-lecture series featuring sessions on Basic Logical Theory, Informal Fallacies, Deductive Reasoning and Inductive Generalisation, Definitions and The Aristotelian Syllogism.

Yes, it's late notice. Sorry. But there it is.
[If anyone’s especially ken we can quite happily repeat the sessions at a more convenient later date.]

Sessions starting tomorrow will be at my office in Mt Eden, Level 1, 236 Dominion Rd: just down the road from Eden Park. If you're keen to join us at 10:30am tomorrow, or on subsequent Sundays, either call or text Riko Stevens, 0277 487021. ]

What: Introduction to Logic lecture course (four audio lectures in total)
Where: Organon Architecture offices, Level 1, 236 Dominion Rd (just down the road from Eden Park)
When: Tomorrow, Sunday, 10:30am

See you there!

PS: I’ve corrected the course content now. Sorry If I’ve created any confusion.


  1. That's interesting. According to me, it's a ten lecture series. At least the one I have is.

    That description on the page, which the link goes to, does not sound particularly like they pertain to logic (well directly at least), so perhaps it is an error?

    If you are interested and would like a lecture booklet, let me know so that I can arrange to have one printed for you.


  2. That's interesting. Perhaps you'd better send a lecture booklet.

    (PS: You can see now how effective our weeks of talk have been--and why you're receiving late notice.)

  3. I really enjoyed the first lecture. Who'd have thought a lecture about logic could be that entertaining?

  4. @Julian: Clearly you'll now need to check your premises. :-)

  5. I'm missing all the best shit. But at least I was there for pogoing.

  6. @Marnee: Ah yes! That you were. :-)


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