Tuesday, April 17, 2012

How the internet makes you happy [updated]

Here’s one of the neat things the internet can do: by offering a live, free, web-streamed talk on happiness, presented by a philosophy professor and hosted by  the Ayn Rand Center:

The Pursuit of Happiness and the Tools For Attaining It

The Declaration of Independence famously espouses the idea that every man has a birthright to the pursuit of happiness. An individual's success in attaining happiness, however, depends on what he does with that right. This talk probes three factors vitally necessary to achieve happiness─factors that are not conventionally recognized but, instead, are routinely vilified.

Speaker: Dr. Tara Smith is professor of philosophy at the University of Texas, where she holds the BB&T Chair for the Study of Objectivism and the Anthem Foundation Fellowship. A specialist in moral, legal and political philosophy, she has published books on values, virtues, individual rights and, in the past few years, several articles on objective law and judicial review.

This event will be livestreamed free on the Ayn Rand Center's Facebook page.  Click here:


You do not need to be a registered user of Facebook to view the event.

What: Lecture on happiness—and how to go about achieving it!
When: Wednesday, 18 April: 11:30am-1pm

PS: If you're near Mt Eden at 11:30 we’ll be watching this at my office cnr Valley Rd/Dominion Rd, so feel free to call in and join us: Organon Architecture, Level 1, 236 Dominion Rd, Mt Eden.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well that was good. Always good to hear some sanity.

4/18/2012 01:33:00 pm  

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