Monday, 5 March 2012

QUOTE OF THE DAY: The demerits of devaluation

Since Bernard Hickey et al persisting in promoting a healthy tonic of inflationism to “fix” every problem from the high NZ dollar to excessive lint in your laundry, here’s some common sense as a response:

What difference does it make to the importer of our goods that
the [NZ] dollar is now 5 percent cheaper, if domestic  inflation
has made the price the importer pays in dollars 5 percent
higher? The effect is nil.

                     - David Howden, ‘The Blessings of a Strong Currency



  1. Is Bernard Hickey, the new crowned king of the economics' illiterate cock-sucking society? I bet that he is. The guy is simply fucking dumb. Unbelievable!

  2. Bernard Hickey is ok, but there are others that are well respected. .

    I also listen to the guy from australia he is very accurate it is scary. I try to put myself around others that know their shite, and have a good track record.

  3. Whoops - I thought I was at the Handmirror for a second there.

    Activism, demo, you old lefty you

  4. Demos, Redgum songs ... I'm starting to think the same myself. :-)

    But why let them have all the fun.

  5. Ah yes - the site of Malthusian catastrophe.
    I wonder if the Xmas present to its readership this year will be a suicide pill.


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