Monday, 5 March 2012

Lunchtime activism in Wellington tomorrow

There’s activism tomorrow in Wellington to highlight the desirability of legislation to legalise cannabis, and the iniquity of the incarceration of cannabis activist and former Daktory organiser Dakta Green—in prison for a victimless crime.

What? NORML “White Flag” Meeting

Where? NZ Parliament Buildings, Molesworth Street

When? Tuesday 6th March, 1pm at the Richard Seddon statue. (Assemble in front of the Cenotaph at 12:45pm.)

Why … ?
1. To demand the immediate release of Dakta Green from Mt Eden prison.
2. To highlight the Law Commission Report on the review of the Misuse of Drugs Act 1975.
3. To request compassion, and common sense cannabis law reform – and an Armistice to end the War on Drugs.

Carry the international symbol for peaceful dialogue, the White Flag. Start walking at 1pm from the Cenotaph to the Richard Seddon statue. Once there, pause for One Minute’s Silence for the victims of the global War on Drugs,
following which a few words will spoken regarding the protest and intentions for future events..

All those keen for sensible, rational law reform are invited.

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