Wednesday, 28 March 2012

And the answer is …

She’s either a great actress, or this guy should reconsider his marriage vows.

Or maybe sue her factory school for spewing out someone this innumerate?

What do you think, is she sufficiently pretty to compensate?

[Hat tip Noodle Food]


  1. What is this guy thinking posting it? Given assortative mating, if his wife's an idiot, he's an idiot. Proving your wife an idiot proves you're more likely than average to be an idiot for having married her; doing it in public proves to everybody that you must be an idiot.

    Or the whole thing is a scam of some kind.

  2. @ eric

    Yes but she will probably think it is great. "Look! I;m on the internetty thing."


  3. what the fuck are you doing here thinking Not PC, write to me early, to get upgrades on the real world

  4. Please Non PC attend the Eric Crampton corrective thinking course, I will not post blonde trash.
    This course starts in the middle of Winter , July 15, called
    " I like to talk to blondes but in do not post about them, I can recover, and I will stop thinking about architecture, and stuff"
    Its quite a long title for a lecture by Eric, and it is an advancement on his usual academic rhetoric.

  5. Hal Incandenza28 Mar 2012, 20:20:00

    It's a bit like you guys trying to explain why seat belt laws are akin to Stalinism, except it's an obvious pisstake. That you think it could be real demonstrates your misanthropy.

  6. @Shallow Hal: That you could conclude misanthropy from a person's reaction to the video says something about your sense of humour (or lack thereof)...

    Now put your seatbelt on like a good boy.

  7. 1. I honestly don't know whether it's a scam or whether it's a couple of idiots. But I may have misanthropic leanings.

    2. I wasn't aware that Timetabling had scheduled me for the course PeterQuixote's recommending. But stranger things have happened in Central Timetabling.

  8. My bet is they’ll get a million hits on You Tube then wammo their Porn movie will then get released. That's America folks.

  9. Pro-Capitalist29 Mar 2012, 10:57:00

    Ha, that woman had the same education as our resident idiot Hal Incandenza. She obviously had a qualification in Women/Gender Studies same as Hal. That's why Hal never contributed anything useful on this blog.

  10. Eric, and Peter, it is quite obviously a scam, please watch peterquixote videos, life is a scam, you had, no person behaves normally in front of camera.


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