Thursday, 23 February 2012

They are all prostitutes. Well, two of them are.

Whale Oil has done sterling work hunting down the real story behind the case of Tania Wysocki. Turns out the only real prostitutes in this story are Herald journalist Simon Collins and Labour MP Jacinda Ardern,who between them  pimped out her story  and those of many other undeserving poor in the much celebrated Herald series.

Anyway, after driving out and listening to Tania, something neither Jacinda nor Collins bothered to do, (Collins having written his story on the way and then doing more talking than listening), Whale Oil has a very different story than the one that was pimped out. Take a look:


  1. PC, just check out the story again. This woman earns $580 per week with other privileges.
    Thats $580 a week PC.
    I would keep well away from Whale oil if I were you.

  2. Another thing PC,
    $580 per week net and also say four tricks per week at $150 per trick.
    thats $1200 per week net PC.
    Gross income say $90,000 PC,


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